Barbara Fashion Blogger


Barbara has a good sense of fashion and all her friends come to her for fashion tips and advises. In this Barbara Fashion Blogger game you need to help Barbara keep her fans and followers engaged. She has to prepare 3 new articles and she needs help creating pictures for her blog. Let's start by creating Barbara's new autumn trends collection. You need to choose the loveliest outfit and arrange the items to take a photo. It must contain a top, shirt or a blouse, matched with a chic or glam skirt. Complete the outfit with matching shoes, a handbag and different accessories, such as a scarf and glasses. One you created the perfect autumn trend outfit take a picture of it. You also have to create a healthy breakfast and snap pictured for the blog. You get to combine different clothing pieces and always use the same one dress to create 4 lovely outfits. Don't forget to take pictures and now Barbara can create the new blog posts. Her followers are going to love it, I'm sure! Have fun here!

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